About Academy

Greencubator.Academy is an online educational platform that helps Ukrainian eco-innovators unlock their entrepreneurial talents and turn their ideas into sustainable businesses. Academy alums receive not only knowledge but also real-time feedback on completed tasks. In addition, the best companies get access to a network of investors, potential business partners, and grant programmes worldwide.

In 2023, Greencubator.Academy released its next crop of students. The course ended on 12 August in Kyiv at Green Pitch Day, where teams at the pre-seed and seed-round stages presented their climate-friendly business ideas. The expert jury evaluated the presentations and selected the finalists. RekavaSOLAR PLEX, and FlushWave became the winners of Greencubator.Academy.

All attendees of Green Pitch Day had the opportunity to find partners, investors, and potential customers. Moreover, they became part of the entire ecosystem of green startups supported by Greencubator.

Since the launch of the NGO, dozens of Ukrainian green startups have graduated from Greencubator programmes. However, we strive to increase their number to thousands. That's why we've combined our experience of training and acceleration for green businesses into one online programme. It's in Ukrainian, with a focus on global growth.

Why do you need to study with us?

Support for innovators

We've been growing green businesses since the launch of Greencubator

Expanding networking

We organise meetings with entrepreneurs, investors and potential clients

Real-time feedback

We provide not only newsletters and online courses, but also feedback on completed tasks

Best practices

We concentrate the world's best practices in startup development - in Ukrainian

Access to the ecosystem

We provide access to a support network from the best companies and services valued at tens of thousands of dollars for free

Launching a business

We help you not to obtain a certificate, but to build your business