What is Earth Day, and what can you do?

On 22 April, the world celebrates World Earth Day. This year, ecoactivists are highlighting the Planet vs Plastics confrontation to unite millions of people worldwide and halt the plastic crisis.

What can you do today in support of World Earth Day?

1) Take action and urge world leaders by signing Greenpeace International‘s petition for a global plastics agreement.

By supporting it, you can help to keep oil and gas used to produce plastic in the ground and stop big polluters with their relentless plastic production.

2) Rethink your wardrobe choices and reject fast fashion, a significant contributor to millions of tons of textile waste, wastewater, and microplastic pollution.

Send unused clothing to support families affected by the war in Ukraine through organizations like Rechi.Support. Opt for clothing crafted from natural materials and refrain from impulsive purchases.

Those who appreciate individual style opt for brands that breathe new life into old clothes and production remnants, such as Sistan Varvara. Its founder currently serves in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, defending its sovereignty.

3) Support sustainable Ukrainian enterprises by opting for eco-friendly alternatives to plastic products for yourself, your business, or as gifts. Consider items like effa toothbrushes made from environmentally friendly materials, biodegradable Rekava aroma candles, or YES STRAWS crafted from reeds.

4) Sign up for the Greencubator.Academy course “Green Startups: The Path of Progress”. In this course, you will learn how to activate your green idea to help the planet through your sustainable business: https://bit.ly/3QAFINV.

Thanks to this course, RekavaeffaYES STRAWSSistan Varvara and many other green startups have started this vital change path!

It’s time to heed our planet’s call and bring an end to the plastic era!
Get involved! 🙌 🌏